Alexandra, Prince Edward Island

Alexandra was incorporated as a community in 1972.   It is located in Queens County in the central portion of Prince Edward Island, SE. of Charlottetown. Its precise location is N 46°12′, W 63°02′.

Alexandra (NOT Alexandria) (Sett.) was adopted in Place Names of PEI, 1925. Application altered 26 January 1972 on 11L/3 from 46 12 – 63 01 to 46 12 – 63 02. Status changed to Locality in 1972 when it became part of the Community of Alexandra. Probably named after Alexandra, Princess of Wales in 1880, the year Meacham’s atlas was published. In 1925, she was Queen Dowager of England.

Information courtesy Geomatics Canada .

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The Geography of Alexandra


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Statistical Information

Alexandra falls inside the Statistics Canada census subdivision of Lot 49. They have detailed statistical information available for the Lot 49 census subdivision for the following categories: Education,Ethnicity,Family,Income,Labour Force,Population, and Shelter.

Information courtesy Statistics Canada.