Request for Quotes – 2022 Grass Cutting Services

The Rural Municipality of Alexandra is seeking quotations for grass cutting services for the 2022 summer season at the Alexandra Community Centre, 1197 Pownal Road.  This includes cutting grass and trimming.

Further information is available by contacting Sheila Whiteway at 902-330-5810 or

Deadline for quotations is April 15th, 2022 at 4:00 p.m.

Lowest or any quotation not necessarily accepted.


Provincial Government Funding Available for heat pumps for low income Islanders

Starting December 1, 2021, you can call 1-833-PEI-1873 to book an appointment to check your eligibility for a free heat pump. You will also be able to apply online starting December 1.



A survey of the community centre grounds was completed on November 18 to determine care and maintenance that should be done with plant material at the centre. Melody vanOmme, Lucille Carter, and Dave MacNeil conducted the survey and created a list of actions that can be taken to improve the grounds and care for the many trees and shrubs at the centre. It was noted that great work has been done over the years with individuals and the Women’s Institute in planting trees, especially, which have made the property one to be proud of.  It is hoped that in early 2022, further work can be done in planting low maintenance perennials and flower bulbs to further enhance the property. Please see the list of items to be worked on below and watch for further posts of days when this list will be worked on. All citizens are encouraged to participate, and if anyone wishes to join a landscaping committee to further this work, please contact Dave MacNeil at 902-569-4242.

-cut back weeds in both ditches this Fall and apply grass seed next Spring. Plans for regular maintenance will be discussed over the winter

-prune hedge heavily along western property border

-remove wild apple tree on northwest corner, which is now heavily diseased and dying

-remove trees in ditch on northwest corner, which are creating a visual obstruction for drivers leaving the property

-trim tree next to community mailbox to remove lower branches and improve tree shape

-trim lower branches on trees in western hedge to improve shape and allow better sunlight on to hedge

-trim lower branches on large blue spruce on southwest corner, to remove obstruction to grass mowing

-trim lower branches on maple trees on south border

-remove small tree on western side of shed, which is now diseased and falling over

-remove dead tree on north side of shed

-remove tree on southeast corner of property, which is too close to building and may create a hazard to the building and roof over time

-remove small tree by monument which is not growing and is diseased